Crypto Weekly Outlook

2018 was the year of the bear for Cryptocurrencies, with the sector's market cap down 70-80% from peak to recent lows.  Will the bounce in crypto off the November/December bear market lows in anticipation of an Ethereum hard fork (Jan 16th) going more smoothly than the Bitcoin forks, be sustainable?  As blue chip names like Fidelity and ICE/Microsoft/Starbucks prepare to introduce institutional services for hedge funds and professional traders, and instant messengers ranging from Line to Kakao (and even Whatsapp/Facebook) and Japanese banks preparing to roll out native tokens, it will be interesting to monitor crypto prices in 2019 and beyond.  To help understand crypto market movements, Tradable Patterns has recently launched a weekly technical analysis newsletter on BTCUSD, ETHUSD and XRPUSD/XRPJPY, with analysis on all 3 of these crypto markets available to premium subscribers of Crypto Weekly Outlook or existing premium subscribers of Today's Top 3 Trades.  Free subscribers of either newsletter will have access to analysis on 1 out of the 3 crypto markets.  The newsletter will publish each Sunday.  Those new to technical analysis or looking for education on the technical analysis featured in the newsletter can refer to Technical Analysis of Cryptocurrencies, published on Amazon in February 2018.

Technical Analysis of Cryptocurrencies

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